Future Heroes
Be your own hero
We are a sisterhood without borders

Future Heroes is a growth mindset-driven leadership & entrepreneurship program for girls aged 13 -17 to unlock their potential and create positive impact in the world
We all need role models, courage, support and determination to believe we can achieve anything we set our mind and heart to. It takes guts to stand alone, speak up and make great change happen. Future Heroes dares to be real and do things differently.To have more daring and diverse heroes to look up to, we've created an open environment for a driven community of girls with a passion to grow, work together and solve problems.
Welcome to a personal growth and change program to unlock your potential. During 4 months and 7 skills & mindset workshops, girls get to test their strengths, boost their life skills, grow their sisterhood and be inspired by diverse role models. Most importantly, dreams are made a reality by running projects that girls are most passionate about in teams of five, supported by mentors. Consider it a support network to jump-start your future.
We want every business or social action that's created during the program to have positive impact on the society. Be it a start-up that works towards mental well-being. Be it a social action project with a focus on better education or climate action. You get to decide what creates the most meaningful change in the future and we'll make sure to be your sisterhood without borders. It's literally the time and place to become a hero.
Sustainable by Nature
We are determined to be sustainable in the way we operate, the way we think, act, celebrate success, encourage and empower the next generation of heroes.
Diverse at Heart
Our speakers, coaches and mentors are men and women from different countries, age groups, mindset, mission, cultural background and walks of life.
Global in Vision
Our first language is English. We are a sisterhood without borders in action. Open and reaching out to make growth and change accessible, one girl with a cause at the time.
January 2022 – April 2022

Future Heroes program is also a competition and every hero should come prepared for a fair battle! The program consists of 7 workshops, all held in English and free of charge.

Future Heroes workshops are held face-to-face and online (depending on the content of the workshop and the epidemiological situation) on Saturdays according to the schedule below
Sessions are kicked off by inspirational speakers, followed by practical skills workshops and mentoring to drive the team projects forward.

15 January
15 January
Ideation & Team Formation (online)
29 January
29 January
Entrepreneurship & Tech (online)
12 February
12 February
Leadership & Problem Solving (online)
26 February
26 February
Voice & Will (online)
12 March
12 March
Financial Literacy & Fundraising (online)
26 March
26 March
Digital Impact & Media Literacy (online)
9 April
9 April
Practice & Pitch (online)

23 April
23 April
Final Pitch

7 May
7 May
Gala & Award ceremony
Best of Future Heroes 2020
More to follow. Stay tuned!

Meet our powerful team mentors and skills coaches !

Laima Šlapkauskaitė-Gaušienė

Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach / OVC Associated Consultant

Erika Maslauskaitė
Chief Commercial Officer at Nikulipe a FinTech startup providing local payment expertise and access to emerging markets / Co-Founder at Deverium - mobile centric development company / Co-Founder of LOGIN Tech festival - the largest innovation gathering in Baltics / Active advocate of the WomenGoTech initiative
Mantas Tvarijonavičius
Partner & Consultant at GoodPeople.lt / Author / People management trainer & consultant / Organizational psychologist with practical experience in HR management

Lina Danienė
Professional Growth Consultant / Workshop Facilitator
Andrius Milinavičius
Founding member and BDO at Baltic Sandbox accelerator / Board member of Lithuanian Marketing Association LiMA / Involved in EdTech, BioTech, SeniorTech, FinTech, MedTech and other innovative fields
Justė Pinkevičienė
Marketing Director, shareholder at UAB COSMOWAY / Board Member at LIKOCHEMA / Founder of JP Marketing Consulting
Andželika Rusteikienė
CEO at Junior Achievement Lithuania / Member of the expert group on Social Enterprises / Co-founder of Crafts IT / Partner at Gerinorai.lt / Head of the Initiative "Baltoji banga"
Marta Jurkšaitienė
Head of Ad Fingers / Cohesive digital brand experience through creativity, user-centricity, and data analytics.
Alvyda Regina Rimkutė
Automation group product manager / Technology sciences + Social sciences / Mentor / Creative personality / Coach of life
Loreta Žemaitė
Ambassador at WoW University / Co-creator, Business Consultant and Lecturer at WoW Gamma
Indrė Taurosevičiūtė
People Manager / Business and Life Coach / Entrepreneur / Education enthusiast
Dominika Novickienė
Mentor, coach, educator in creativity, sales, psychology, education, law / www.motersgrozis.lt / IG Laikas_su_domi
Loreta Načajienė
Head of Luminor Investment Management / Pension funds + Investmens / Product development
Milda Svickienė
UX designer / Marketer / Branding / Fashion & Business development professional
Živilė Skibarkienė
Executive board member at Ignitis group / Organisational development professional / Green energy enthusiast / Business angel. 
Agnė Kelminskienė
Agile & Executive Coach / Manager / Mentor / Keynote Speaker /
Talks about agile, scrum, coaching, leadership, and management
Inga Radeckienė
Partner and facilitator at Mercuri Lithuania /  International Professional Certified Coach (ICU) / 18 years of experience in training, leadership and project management
The first speakers are revealed! The list goes on! Stay tuned!
Inspirational Speakers
Stay tuned to find out more amazing names!
Giedrė Maya Simanauskaitė
Internal Communication Expert / Speaker / Award-winning Change Comms Manager
Dr. Unoma Ndili Okorafor
Founder of  Working to Advance African Women supporting STEM education of African girls and women / CEO at Herbal Goodness and Fairview Data Technologies / Member of IEEE, ACM, SWE, and NSBE / Visiting professor at the African University of Science & Technology (AUST) Abuja Nigeria for Computer Science courses
Žydrūnė Vitaitė
Head of Sales at ELDES / Co-founder of Women Go Tech initiative / Experienced speaker at local and international conferences on topics of women empowerment & leadership, women in tech, community building, business development.
Dr. Inga Minelgaitė
Professor in the Department of Business at the University of Iceland / Member of GLOBE, the largest organizational leadership research network / Board member of WoW University and other universities / Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in the Republic of Iceland / active initiator of social projects, having implemented perhaps the most successful project in the field of gender equality in Lithuania "Aš Esu Tu" (www.asesutu.org)
Tina Rubeze
Big Sister from “Future Heroes” Latvia / High School student / Social media manager for different Latvian business start-ups / Co-creator of social project “Food pick-up point”

Alexandra Mägi
Journalism student / Owner of online fitness platform on instagram  @alexandramfit
Tomas Nemūra
Partner at Choco Agency / Head of digital advertising at Atomic Garden Vilnius / Branding expert with high expertise of sales and online communications in a wide variety of business sectors
Roberta Rudokienė
Head of "Startup Lithuania" – national startup ecosystem facilitator / highly experienced in business development and startups / last year was nominated as one of the most influential women in startups space in the whole Europe.
The list is not complete yet! Stay tuned for more!
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Programme Manager
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Programme Coordinator
Future Heroes ® program in Lithuania is organized by WoW University
in cooperation with The ella fund & British Council in Lithuania as part of the People to People Cultural Engagement Programme.

Program in Lithuania is in agreement with Future Heroes global movement, headquartered in Estonia.
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